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Stories of Worship

Pain was banished from the lands of the Gods. All that you would ever find are flowered thickets, the fields covered in roses. All that is missing from these delightful images, is the reality. However the majority of mankind prefer to live an illusion. They cannot forgive a philosophy, which in the wave of a magic-wand, could make disappear such a theatrical description. We always want to be consoled, that is to say, to be deceived, and there is no lack of that. In the failure to be able to guarantee a blissful present life, there, there is the promise of a life without old-age, but it fails to protect mankind from what will become of it when we no longer exist. There is no reason to believe that the dead will return to Earth to accuse those who have deceived them. As well as to feign all and ignore everything.

Everytime a deconsecration of the Gods manifests of a similar nature, veneration is transferred to substitute Gods. Like, as in the times of the Pharaons, it was the animals who where honoured, now, we honour other things (Mickey Mouse). We, us simply mortals, continue to honour, with the same type of honour, descendants of music-halls (Elvis Presley, Luis Mariano…) sports competitors (Ayrton Senna…) or politicians (Mao Zedong, Eva Peron…). Information has already taken the place of knowledge, which in its’turn has been taken over by advertising, propaganda or proselytism.
Letaris’swork is to place analogically, side-by-side, certain things which have been found (photographs, slogans, various images, tree leaves, dried flowers…) and group them together by an idea or a style. A trial, of 28’’x 40’’, is made by using copious jets of ink. Letaris explains his works as being a manner of fixing hazardous objectives !
Like, as in the spiritual history of mankind, simply resting on certain hypotheses, which are maintained and magnified by their interpretations, he is considered as (yet another) contributing to the basic questions of life.

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